35 Thoughts While Reading Killing Stalking Ch 3

And she barely makes it before it’s not Friday anymore! lol. Here’s my 35 thoughts for chapter 3!  Killing Stalking is updating again, it’s the new season, and I’m just here holding off because I don’t want to be left at cliffhangers. Instead I’m taking lots of pleasure in rereading these past chapters :’)


Killing Stalking is a BL webcomic by Koogi about a stalker and a killer whose lives get intertwined. Bum has loved Sangwoo for a long time now and has finally made his move when he breaks into Sangwoo’s home. Of course, he wasn’t really expecting to find himself nearly beaten to death and then kept as a prisoner when he did this. It’s a really dark webcomic so if you can’t stomach torture, all types of abuse (physical, mental, verbal), rape, and gore, I probably would stay away from this. There’s just a lot of messed up stuff going on in here

Also, no worries on the pictures. I think the most graphic thing I’ll be posting will be Sangwoo’s killer glare and maybe some inferred violence. But onward to the juicy bits!!

1. The tools again 👀

2. My mind is OBVIOUSLY in the gutter. I mean, HOW CAN I NOT. He’s there moaning and then there’s shirtless Sangwoo…and those cuts, it’s like the author is teasing me. And yeah I know Sangwoo just bashed Bum’s legs but…but…

3. Ouch man. What if your legs were broken? Would you be quiet?


4. OK I’m just going to ogle this man’s body because I can’t even do a push up using all four of my limbs. And he’s just crossing his legs like that, yeah I’m jealous but also ogling

5. Whenever I see Bum’s body I want to cry! You can see his ribs and pelvis and he’s too thin!!!

6. IDK if I should laugh or punch Sangwoo

7. Sangwoo likes to cut through fat…

8. You guys can’t see it but I am grimacing. GOD the detail of the violence here. It’s not even that bad but I get squeamish with guts and innards

9. That would have been me on day 1

10. Actually, it’s been a week and aside from knowing Bum is our main (and you can’t kill mains in the first chapter), why is he still alive if he annoys Sangwoo so much

11. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s cold water

12. Why is Sangwoo funny?! Like it’s the type of dumb funny I find hilarious so even though he’s here abusing Bum I’m also laughing, what kind of a human am I?!


13. It’s so weird that he would smell Bum’s clothes? IDK, I don’t go around smelling clothes, especially if I know they’ve been used already

14. So the skirt belonged to the CEO girl? So that’s where that fanfiction idea originated from! And how do they fit Bum? He’s like half her size! (They are a bit baggy I guess?)

15. Is it weird for me to find kindness in some of his actions? I mean, he didn’t have to help Bum into the clothes. He could have just thrown em at him and expected Bum to get dressed himself. He would have done it for fear. Or he could have intimidated him. Is this the start of my mixed feelings?

16. I wish I knew what he was thinking here (this is the me who has read 37 chapters and some meta post on Tumblr)


17. His leg! That’s not a normal contortion is it?? T_T

18. Even Bum’s confused! You’re not a whore Bum! HM, I wonder if that was more of a response to the clothing now that Bum is holding it up. That would mean Sangwoo viewed her as a whore and as someone who looked down on him? But also, LOL, Bum put the skirt down!

19. DUDE, his legs are no good and he knows what you can and will do. And you just brought a knife with you, ofc he’s not going to try now! At least, I wouldn’t have

20. Unfortunately, I also wonder this…

21. This is the second time I thought Bum was going to get it. Once in the “bath” (I thought he was going to get a kick where it hurts) and now with the knife. Stop tricking me! (keep tricking me, keep me alert!)


23. I’m pretty sure you can see hanging skin in a mirror…

24. >_<

25. Who is HER?

26. Trembling = mother

27. Making Bum touch his cheek like his mother used to 👀


28. NO BUM! Oh god and he’s serious about it too!

29. I think he realizes he’s insane

30. His mom, Bum. He meant his mom…

31. Talk about a weirdo just staring at you

32. OMG pick him up correctly and please reposition that knife >_<

33. THEY’RE PLAYING HOUSE. Or at least Sangwoo is. Bum just looks terrified

34. Wait, did Sangwoo just leave Bum alone in the kitchen with a knife?! Not that there’s much he can do with his legs like that but I’d start to get thoughts…

35. He gave him the knife. Should he attack or stay put? I’m not 100% sure how level headed I’d be but I think I’d want to try stabbing Sangwoo if he’d given me that knife >_>

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